Colorado, Clay

Colorado marks the first collaborative collection between nanimarquina and Inga Sempé. A collection that harmoniously blends tradition and modernity.

Colorado offers a collection of ethnic-style rugs, where tradition and modernity merge in an elegant combination of textures and ancestral techniques. Each piece offers a unique play of textures in two heights, created with careful combinations of fibers and yarns in a variety of shades.

The use of chobi gives these rugs a unique visual richness, which is revealed by changes in light and movement. This inherent characteristic of the hand-spun wool together with the chobi technique lies in the way it is woven: the orientation of the fiber when the knot is closed, its length, and the density of knots.

Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors - ashes, clay, moss, and sand - which transform according to how the light hits them, adding an extra dimension of beauty to the home.

Design Inga Sempé
Manufacturer  Nanimarquina
Colour & Materiality 100% Afghan wool, hand knotted