George Nakashima: A Retrospective

June 24–August 30, 2013

Mjölk is honoured to present the first Canadian retrospective of works by legendary architect and craftsman George Nakashima, and his daughter, architect, designer, and head of the Nakashima Studio, Mira Nakashima. We are proud to showcase a large collection of iconic works by George Nakashima as well as new works from Mira Nakashima’s Keisho (continuation) collection.

Nakashima-at-Mjolk-23 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-6 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-13 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-21 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-29 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-45 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-44 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-50

Nakashima-at-Mjolk-1 Nakashima-at-Mjolk-19