The Stone House: The Big Window

Our last weekend at the stone house was all about the large window reveal! Custom made by Peter Tan of Studio Junction, we filled the natural opening that was once a drive through for the horse and buggy, with a large picture window. Literal definition of picture window.

We woke up to a blanket of snow, a pretty perfect first experience.

Children for scale. Also, how great is it when your kids fight over who gets to wash the window? So great.

Originally the window was to go to the floor, but there happened to be a concrete pad already in place to use and we needed to shore it up a bit on the bottom. The bench is an elegant solution that allows for a place to perch.

A winter wonderland!


Time to get cozy inside.


We received a delivery of furniture, which filled out the sitting area nicely. John found an antique Orkney chair, which we've long admired. The Poet Sofa needed to join us too. 

We recently fixed all of our Braun record players so one came to the stone house. Currently listening to RAM, inspired by Paul and Linda's country house. Peter Tan of Studio Junction and his amazing crew put together this walnut bookcase with the leftover wood from the storage cabinet.

Looking towards the partially finished kitchen...

The kids went outside by themselves for a bit!

Board game and soup o'clock.

Photogenic in sunlight.

Photogenic when overcast.