The Stone House: Sanding Floors & Mouse Hotels

Late February, the upstairs floors received some patch work repairs and sanding to attempt to even them out and clean the boards up.

An exposed copper pipe was our solution to a plumbing issue that couldn't be buried.

Finally, a mousy discovery was made under the wood windowsills: mouse hotels! We brought the window sill back to the stone while we thought about a finishing solution.

Amazing how the sunlight transforms the space. Here you can see the smoked oak ceiling that was installed. 

Downstairs, the bathroom is getting drywalled.

Outside we are considering the roof, and how we can't seem to escape all the hidden leaks. Everyone says this is a tin roof for life ("they don't make them like they used to"). Originally we were going to paint it in the spring but we have decided to remove any doubt and put a new roof on.

You may also notice that you cannot see the 6 over 6 lines on the windows. This is because we initially painted them a grey blue colour and you can't see it for the screens and bright white. In the end we decided we wanted to head in a different direction...stay tuned to see what colour we choose! 

Ahhh February, that point in the year where you become very very done with winter.