The Stone House: Demolition Upstairs


Well, this isn't what we expected!

We were having a hard time visualizing framing this space out but now that it's one wide open space, it feels impossible to chop it up again. Gone are the walls, cracked plaster and ceiling that concealed years of critter life. We have decided to keep the bedroom as one space, which we will share with the kids, because who are we kidding anyway, there is no way they will want to sleep alone.


These low windows with Southern exposure create wonderful light effects throughout the day.



The floor is in relatively good shape, nothing a sand and refinish can't fix.

Another notable element is the vaulted ceiling and beams. Now that we are keeping this space as one room, we can also keep the high ceiling.


It seems that originally the summer kitchen was built at a later date, compromising the window on the left. This wall is where our king size bed is going to go. We finally learned to go big, as the children will inevitably want to climb in with us.


I really wish we didn't have to build a railing where the stairs are, but of course it's important to protect us all from not falling down the stairs. We'll have to figure something out that doesn't distract from the openness. We plan on incorporating the gold colour in the stairwell as a nod to the original scheme.


Outside we explored a bit. I wanted to checkout the hill, for future tobogganing needs. It's a nice long run, not to steep, but satisfying. Technically not our property but we have an agreeable relationship with the farmer who owns the surrounding land.

Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-9 Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-10

Fall colours are beautiful.


The drive shed is another project for the future

Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-6 Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-5

Howell playing on the dirt fill for the summer kitchen floor

Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-7 Stone-house-reno-outside-oct-2017-3

So much to look at and explore. In October that lovely patch of wildflowers/ grasses/weeds was mowed. I think we prefer it to be filled in a bit but it's nice to get a sense of the space empty. The weather was so ideal, we were able to set Howell up with some distractions while we puttered around with the workers.


More pretty fall colours. Due to the warm fall we didn't really get an explosion of colour on the trees but there was certainly enough subtle things happening to keep us content.