May 30th 2024

Renaud Sauvé New Arrivals

We are happy to share that we have received new works from Quebec artist Renaud Sauvé. With an academic background in ceramics and philosophy, and a stint as prop master with Cirque du Soleil, Renaud Sauvé started his studio Atelier des Cent-ans in 2010. Based out of Irlande, Quebec, Renaud creates fine ceramics made of porcelain as well as framed works in precious materials such as wasp nest paper and gold leaf.

Wasp Nest

Each wasps' nest artwork is carefully assembled by Sauvé by pealing small sections off of an abandoned wasp nest and then applying them to the canvas to create a new composition inspired by the nests organic patterns.

There are also a couple ceramic pieces available, including this incredible Skull Candle Snuffer (pictured above) as well as a Porcelain Tile Artwork with Hedgehog Illustration (pictured below).


New from Jurgen Lehl

Some smaller objects have arrived from Jurgen Lehl, including beautiful hand-carved objects made from water buffalo horn. Pictured above is the new Yellow Horn Butter Knife and below is the Yellow Horn Spoon. Both have a lovely translucent quality to them and are smooth to the touch.

Another new everyday object that makes use of the natural round shape of a water buffalo horn is the Black Horn Shoehorn (pictured below).


Pictured above is the new Indigo Gradient Hand Towel. Each is made using handspun cotton with natural dyed indigo fibres and then woven into a gradient pattern.

Some familiar favourites have also returned, including the Egg Shaped Candle and Hojicha Roasted Green Tea (pictured below).



Japanese Antiques

We also currently have a beautifully curated selection of Japanese antiques available in store and online. Each is a beautiful treasure that adds something unique to a living space. Make sure to take a look!