Mjölk Book Volume 3

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Mjolk Volume 3

In this issue we explore the world of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with an exploration of Japanese Potter and Tea Master Masanobu Ando's Chabako Tea box with tea tools.

Interviews and workshop tours of Ryuji Mitani, considered to be the most famous wood artisan in Japan, Kyoto based wood artisan Shingo Tsukuda who blends modern forms with traditional technique making furniture and objects for the Tea Ceremony, and Quebec based potter Renaud Sauve of Atelier Des Cent-ans.

We visit 3 major works by iconic architect Terunobu Fujimori and talk to him about the Tea House as an architectural form.

Finally we visit with Minoru Oya from Kafe Kosen in Kyoto to take a critical look into his interpretation of the "Coffee Ceremony".

Words by John Baker and photographs by Juli Daoust.


Masanobu Ando
Terunobu Fujimori
Ryuji Mitani
10cm Gallery
Minoru Oya
Renaud Sauve
Shingo Tsukuda

144 Pages
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