Mjölk Book Volume 2

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Mjolk Volume II
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In this issue, we traveled to Japan to visit various artisan's work spaces to explore the definition of "Seikatsu Kogei", a Japanese craft movement that is closely tied to everyday life. Images of Japanese artisans who are working in their unique ateliers stir curiosity and inspiration for handmade artifacts that are meant to be used on a daily basis for generations.

Words by John Baker and photographs by Juli Daoust.


Workshop tour of Fredericia furniture in Denmark, with
corresponding interview with CEO Thomas Graversen

Borge Mogensen

Workshop tours in Japan

Ceramicist Masanobu Ando
Glass artist Kazumi Tsuji
Wood artisan Tomii Takashi

Momogusa Gallery and Cafe

Kitone Cafe and shop

George Nakashima workshop and home tour, with
corresponding interview with Mira Nakashima

144 pages
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Printed in Toronto, Canada