Hulsø Shelf

The Hulsø shelf's organically shaped design challenges the conventional notion of a shelf as merely a backdrop for displayed objects. Instead, it stands as an artistic element in its own right, adding aesthetic value to any room beyond its function.
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Design  Finn Juhl, 1949
Manufacturer  House of Finn Juhl
Made in  Denmark
Dimensions  W 90cm x D 26.5cm x H 16.5cm
Colour & Materiality Oak in dark or clear oil (please specify in notes), Walnut

Although Finn Juhl is primarily known for his sculptural furniture, his talents were not confined to this area alone. Trained as an architect, he excelled in creating magnificent, holistic exhibitions and interiors. A notable example is his iconic work for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York in 1952. Finn Juhl himself used the term "Gesamtkunstwerk" to describe a cohesive space where each element contributes to the overall experience.

It was this holistic approach that led Finn Juhl to design the shelf that House of Finn Juhl has named Hulsø. During a review of the drawing archive, a wave-shaped shelf with beautiful details was discovered, initially part of an interior design for the "winter garden" for Magister W. Andersen in Hulsø Ege, Rungsted, Denmark.