Cirio Simple Porcelain Pendant

A single LED light chip is suspended from the simple rosette of the Cirio Simple.
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Design  Antoni Arola
Manufacturer  Santa & Cole
Made in  Spain
Dimensions  H 21.8 cm x ø 10.9 cm
Colour & Materiality Porcelain Shade, LED Bulb (Included)

The delicacy in the manufacture of its lampshades allows the generation of a unique object that is reminiscent of a candle due to its shape, its texture and the warmth of its light. From the original porcelain lampshades made by hand in Sargadelos (Galicia, Spain) that allow the light to sift and illuminate with the warmth of a candle, to the subtle candor of the translucent opal glass or the opaque gentleness of the brass that directs the light to the scene. Each interchangeable shade dresses the LED light capsules with its personality, leaving the structure in the dark.

Simple candle consists of a rosette from which a container containing the LED light source is suspended. A design that highlights corners with maximum efficiency. The three lampshade options range from handcrafted Sargadelos porcelain for the most admirable highlights, to opal glass for stronger and more economical lighting, to opaque brass for focal lighting.