Yumi Nakamura Exhibition

Last Wednesday evening we were thrilled to host Yumi Nakamura's first solo exhibition in North America. We've been in contact for four years and have been patiently waiting for her work to make it's way to us.

The copper funnels on the top of the shelf are both functional and sculputural with their conical shape. 

Yumi-San brought some of her personal pieces to show how the copper will patina with use. 

Yumi begins with a flat piece of copper and hand hammers it into shape. The white pieces are plated in silver and glazed to achieve the milk-white finish. Look closely and you will see the repeated hammer marks that reveal beautiful texture to her work.

Hand-hammered copper kettles displayed on the long teak shelf.  

 Featured above is a silver glazed teapot with rattan handle and plate, along with a nickel and silver spoon.

These hand-hammered silver bowls have a lovely thin handle. They are also footed which gives them a floating-like appearance. 

Yumi was joined by Satoe Moriya who performed tea ceremonies throughout the night.

On the left: Tools from Yumi's personal collection used by Satoe. Note the patina developed on hers compared the tea pot on the right. Over time her pieces will darken and patina with use.