The Stone House: Moving in

The plastic is off the floor and we've started to move furniture in!

First you will notice that we sanded the original floors down, applied lye and soap to get the pale natural look.

Actually who am I kidding, the first thing you probably noticed is the gorgeous Märta Måås-Fjetterström Snäckorna rug, designed by Barbro Nilsson in 1943. Dream rug won at auction.

Also in the photo is a vintage Hans Wegner Peacock Chair with Icelandic Sheepskin and a Shaker Yarn Basket from our That Is Best Which Works Best Exhibition.

I don't really want to spend much time indulging you in this living room as is here. I do like for you to see that sometimes one has to go with one's gut and make a change--and that yes, even we make mistakes. The grey was chosen when we had a completely different intention, and it turned out to not even be the grey we intended! Between not feeling settled on the colour, and the painter overworking it anyway, it wasn't such an ordeal to have to repaint it ourselves. Plus we got the opportunity to work with the Pure & Original paint product we are selling at the shop. I am pretty sure you are going to like where we do end up taking it (two posts from now)!

The sofa is the Mayor Sofa by Arne Jacobsen. Gold velvet with smoked oak legs, you may have seen it in the showroom. More photos to come.

That Playsam Saab Roadster ride on car has been sitting in our basement for 8 years. We originally had it in the showroom when we carried Playsam, but it never sold and since we knew we were having kids we figured we'd just hold onto it. Because of it's width I found when the kids were smaller they couldn't make it go, so now they are just the perfect age for it and they had fun zooming around the summer kitchen on their first visit up.

In the upstairs bedroom we have the unique issue of three beds in one room ("Goodnight Ma! Goodnight Pa!"). We looked for a long time to find something a bit more fun for the kids, but not so much fun that it clashed with the grownup natural linen vibe.

Camomile London is a splurge, but these linens should last us a long time. We liked that we could layer different prints and colours. Unfortunately when we were buying they were quite sold out (Elodie is more a purple kid) but we made it work pretty well I think.

This photo was taken after unpacking the linens in the guest bedroom. More on this rug later.


Some teaser shots of the upstairs. It's completely different than we first imagined.

Let's check in on the bathroom again, just because it's pretty and the trim is now painted.

Gubi Bestlight sconce, Circle Mirror from FRAMA, Apothecary Hand Wash from FRAMA, Sink from Kohler, White Oak basin stand made by Studio Junction, towels from Momogusa. Skin Powder lime fresco paint from Pure & Original.