The Stone House: February update

January was a quiet month, I am not even sure we even visited the Stone House. Work started up again in February, with the installation of new windows! 

Originally we weren't going to invest in new windows but after evaluating the condition of the chewed out upstairs windows and deciding we wanted to replace them with 6 over 6 double hung, there was no turning back. We looked at Marvin, and dreamers do as dreamers do, we proceeded to annoy them with our seemingly ridiculous purist requests. 

The modern window game is all about vinyl and gas filled double pane. They really had a hard time understanding our desire for wood windows. We also disputed over the visible stainless metal pieces you inevitably see in the double pane window. We knew it would bother us to no end. So we finally agreed to an energy panel solution, which is basically a removable extra window panel that sits discreetly inside the frame.

In the end we are really happy that we replaced the windows.

I realize I didn't really say anything about the marble tub so for those who are wondering, during John's internet wanderings, he found a place online, based out of Spain, that had acquired a bunch of decommissioned tubs from an Italian spa.  Since we already deal with importing and shipping from Europe, it wasn't as daunting of a task to order.

Painting has started in the guest bedroom. Here you see the primer coat for Belgian Wilderness from Pure & Original paints. Trim hasn't been painted yet.


In the parlour the primer coat for Elephant has been applied. 

The summer kitchen has some progress to show. The beams above have all been sanded so now they contrast less with the ceiling boards. In even bigger news, the Esse stove arrived. More on this later...

Upstairs in the bedroom, the insulation is in the ceiling and the framer has reinforced the roof, and laid the new ceiling, using smoked oak boards.

A pretty substantial jump forward!