The Stone House: Demolition Main Floor


"What have we done?", we said.
Classic stage one of a reno. This is the floor below the plywood boards in the summer kitchen.
Don't worry, we promise there was nothing worth salvaging in this room.
Suddenly everything seemed so overwhelming.

Stone-house-reno-sept-2017-2 Stone-house-reno-sept-2017-3 Stone-house-reno-sept-2017-1

The demolition crew did a great job, completing the work in a reasonable amount of time. They said it wasn't even the worst they've ever seen. Encouraging!


The bulk of the demolition effort was focused on the summer kitchen and the upstairs. The parlour and two side rooms had been preserved so it was just a matter of peeling off some old wallpaper.


In the beginning Howell would accompany us. Here he is pretty chuffed to have scored a sucker from the local diner (spoiler alert, it was later accidentally and sadly dropped in the dirt).


Meanwhile, outside, what a gorgeous autumn we had in 2017. Here is the little field out front, covered in wildflowers, or as the farmer calls them, weeds. We are trying to figure out how to have a little wildflower meadow here while maintaining a space to run free, since we are surrounded on all sides by farm fields. For the past few years it has been a tall wall of corn, that rustles in the breeze and creates a natural fence. In 2018 we will be getting a wheat field along one side.

Stone-house-reno-outside-sept-2017-3 Stone-house-reno-outside-sept-2017-4 Stone-house-reno-outside-sept-2017-5

This gorgeous Norway Maple in the front is quite old and is in some rough shape. I hope when we trim it it won't lose its energy. It would have been perfect for a swing but we have concerns about weak limbs.