The Stone House: bathroom and guest room

The view from the parlour towards the guest bedroom and the bathroom.


A few views into the guest bedroom from the parlour. 

Guest bedroom details:

Companions Bed in walnut by Studioilse. Evidently this is the best bed ever as we have it both here and at home.

Walnut and cast iron McQueen bedside chest by Matthew Hilton.

Carrie Lamp from Menu is battery operated and handy for walking to the bathroom or contending with bats at night
(aka using as a night light to keep the bats away).

Walls are painted with Belgian Wilderness lime fresco from Pure & Original Paint. Same as our showroom, different technique.

Not that you can really see it here, but the blue, purple and green flatweave Swedish rug is by Judith Johansson. We were first introduced to her work at JP Willborg in Stockholm (I highly recommend a visit there), where we bought a gorgeous red and blue rug. We then acquired a brown and orange one via auction. So one could say we are fans.


Waiting for a desk. Disappointed we cannot place a desk in front of the window but due to a second door that goes into the bathroom the bed is in the way. Mexiko Pendant from Kalmar. A shaker box in the deep set window. Artwork found at an antique market in Tokyo. 

A view into the bathroom. To the right of the door is a sandcast brass light switch by Oji Masanori from Futagami. We managed to get a few for the main floor. Adore them.


New additions to the bathroom:

The poetic Alma pendant light by Tham & Videgard for Wästberg.

Black cabinet is a Belgian barber cabinet from the early 1800s.  Don't get me started on the trial that was acquiring this. 

Striped rug was a surprising find from Ikea. We had bought a rug on Etsy and then forgot that we actually bought it, found this rug at Ikea which was perfect, then found out we actually did buy the Etsy rug. Super organized over here! Etsy rug is now bedside in the guest room.

A view of the white oak console, with baskets from Ingegerd Raman's collection at Ikea. Towel rack and towels from Momogusa. Artwork bought in Japan, by Swedish artist Gunnar Larson.