The Stone House: A tile surprise

Originally when we received our new windows we had them painted out a grey-blue colour (a little too blue if you ask me - you can see a smidge of it peeking out in the photo above behind the screen). We decided it wasn't the right colour after all, and since we needed to paint out all the trim anyway, we switched to Farrow & Ball Drop Cloth. 

Roofing progress. Being reminded of March is totally bumming me out.


Inside, Scott is working on the stone, repointing the walls and building stone window sills.


But wait, what is this?

Boxes of tile components, each labelled with code.

Elements of a Swedish Kakelugn. This particular tile stove was made in Gotland, Sweden. We hired a local stove master to build a masonry stove (to code) for this kakelugn shell.