Tetsuya Ozawa 2022

It was our pleasure to host Tetsuya Ozawa's work at Mjölk again this year. This time, we received an incredible selection of vases and vessels in his signature black-and-white, heavily-textured glazes.

220915 ozawa-16

Tetsuya Ozawa's ceramic works are grounded in millennia-old tradition and translated into his contemporary vision. Using locally-sourced clay from his hometown of Tokomame City, historically known for its ceramic production, his radical interpretation of traditional technique is influenced by tea culture, folk arts, and modern craftwork. 

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After graduating from Nagoya University of the Arts in 2008, Ozawa-San apprenticed under the ceramicist Mr. Masamichi Yoshikawa before starting his own practice in 2016. His work is characterized by a unique, highly textured surface, achieved using a traditional technique called kofuki, which involves applying a fine dusting of iron-rich white soil to the clay. Read our 2019 interview with Ozawa-san here.

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