Norihiko Terayama Exhibition: Things that were arranged

For years people have admired Norihiko Terayama's large scale flower artwork in our showroom. It was time for another visit from Norihiko and this time he brought with him some versions of this artwork to sell in his second solo exhibition at Mjölk. Unfortunately we are nervous to ship these pieces outside of Toronto, due to their fragility but there are some smaller pieces available here.

Along with the framed works, there were flower interventions on found objects and antiques.

Antique wooden bucket with floating flowers.

Lidded urushi bowl with floating flowers (one left).

Antique Lacquerware container with floating flowers.

We had three flower rulers available as well. Turns out Norihiko has a few more back in Japan that he will send us. Please email us if you are interested (SOLD OUT). 

Most of the Polygons sold at the event. There are a few beauties left. 

Crust of Polygon, Object 1

Crust of Polygon, Object 2

Crust of Polygon, Object 3

The opening reception was a lovely evening. It's always so heartwarming how engaged everyone is.

Norihiko Terayama at Mjölk.