Non-Finito Exhibition


On Thursday, May 17 we hosted Brian Richer of Castor with his first solo stone carving exhibition at Mjolk. The show runs until the end of the month so pop by in person if you can! Otherwise, here's a little pictoral overview of the show.

Non-Finito Vase, limestone - $700 (edition of 3 - for brevity we are using the term edition to mean there will be a maximum quantity made, though they aren't technically an edition because they are made by hand)


On the left is a wood stand holding Brian's tools, which Brian made himself.


Non-Finito Bowl - $700 (limestone, edition of 3)


Close-up of tools.


Brian's handmade tools on the left. We also left some of our antiques in the mix, as they complimented the stone work beautifully.


Non-Finito Alabaster Cube - $975 (edition of 1) and the only piece made of alabaster.


Non-Finito Copper Bowl - $1200 (edition of 1)


Close up: Brian grew the copper onto the marble bowl.

brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-19 brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-12 brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-9

Non-Finito Tall Flower Vase - $2400 (limestone, edition of 3)


Non-Finito Stool - $2400 (limestone, edition of 3)

brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-6 brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-8

Non-Finito Shaker Table - $5400 (limestone, edition of 3)

brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-7 brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-11

"There's a Judd in that stone!" - $5400 (limestone, edition of 3)

brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-15 brian-richer-castor-mjolk-exhibition-2018-20

The stone carver: Brian Richer


The night of the opening was so much fun. New and familiar faces turned up to see the work, enjoy a cold Ace Hill beer and some truly lovely Japanese inspired stew made by Matty Matheson. Thank you Matty for the food and your time serving and chatting with all the guests. Unfortunately I neglected to get a photo...too busy enjoying the evening. Check out the highlight reel on the @mjolkshop instagram.

acehill beer-1

Finally, a shout out to Ace Hill brewery for supplying our beverages for the evening.