New De La Espada in the Showroom

We just received some stunning new pieces from De La Espada. They are so new they aren't yet on our website, so we thought we'd give you a quick preview here. Click here to see more available items from this collections.

Belle Reeve Sofa by Nichetto Studio

Check out the lattice woodwork and elegant brass legs.

Also pictured: the Neri & Hu Commune bench which is being used as a coffee table.

Handle Side Table by Neri & Hu, brass and white oiled oak, $1600
Also pictured: Cyclades vase by Nick Ross, $140

Solo Desk and Chair in Danish oiled walnut, both by Neri & Hu, accompanied by an antique Korean moon jar

Elliot Dining Chair by Jason Miller and Solo Dining Table by Neri & Hu. 

Woodworking through-tenon detail with wedge.

Raf Simons Ria woven fabric

Composition of Elliot chair and Solo dining table.