Kuuki no Katachi / Shape of Air by Masanobu Ando at Mjölk

Kuuki no Katachi / Shape of Air by Masanobu Ando

We are honoured to be hosting Masanobu Ando for a fourth exhibition at Mjölk, May 30th-June 15, 2019.

Classic white and black silver glazed ceramics, mingle with a few bowls in an interesting blue glaze.

Lapis Lazuli Glazed Italian Rim

What makes it a cup? The shape? The use? Is it still a cup if you cannot use it as such?

Some new colours have been introduced: yellow and celadon green

"Kurosabi" Vase

"Chabako" Chinese Tea Ceremony Set

"Indigo" White Glazed Vase

White matte vases

Silver glazed pieces

"Kurosabi" Italian Deep Bowl