Kentaro Masumitsu

We are overjoyed to welcome new work from the Japanese multi-disciplinary artist, Kentaro Masumitsu. This collection of objects uses materials such as leather, metal, wood and paper to create tools for daily life.


Masumitsu’s works are deeply inspired by the live/work atelier and gallery “On the River” that he runs near Hokuto, Japan. Surrounded by mountains and with a river flowing right next to it, the grounds include a wood-fired bread oven, a coffee roasting shed, free-range chickens and beehives. Fruit trees and vegetables are also abundant and harvested in the summer months. This way of life at the atelier is what has inspired Masumitsu to create products that reflect a communal environment amidst nature.


Each work is visibly shaped by the artists hand, revealing the beautiful textures found throughout the natural world.


Shown below are the various Hammered Aluminum Clocks. They can be displayed on their metal stands or can also be easily mounted to a wall using the hooks on the back.



Masumitsu’s Raw Leather Sculptural Bowls are beautiful objects for holding the things we use most. Perfect for books, magazines, blankets or stationary.