June 13th 2024


Andrea Maack Fragrance

We are finally welcoming back one of our favourite line of fragrances to the shop! ANDREA MAACK is a luxury fragrance brand founded by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack in 2012. For her, the link between the two mediums is a palpable one. “I see scent as a linear thing — it travels along your skin and travels through the air, which can be reminiscent of strokes traveling across a page.” The visual artist approaches the world of perfumery with a fresh vision.

Many of these fragrances are formulated with the intention to create an experience inspired by the natural world and the aromas of the outdoors. The base of each fragrance is 100% organic Icelandic alcohol and Icelandic water. All of their products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free and ethically-sourced.

For each purchase of an Andrea Maack fragrance, we will be happy to include a free selection of samples from her recent collection. Then for THE FIRST 5 ORDERS we will also include an Andrea Maack tote bag and zip perfume pouch, as pictured below. (**All while supplies last!)


Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, June 16th, so we have pulled a few ideas for those last minute gifts! Pictured above is the Japanese Oroshigane Copper Grater ($95), the Bamboo Grater Brush ($20) and one of Kanji Matsumoto’s hand carved Oak Spatulas ($95).

Pictured above left is the ivory glazed porcelain Fuchi-Sabi Mug ($70) alongside the Kami Mug ($110) made of Castor Aralia wood. Both are perfect for those special morning cups of tea or coffee. Then on the right is our popular favourite, the Hojicha Roasted Green Tea ($19).

And finally we have our beautiful collection of Takubo Straw Rice Braids, each made with a wishful intention behind them. This one pictured on the left is the Yokozuna Sumo Braid ($200), which is said to give strength to the viewer—hence the name "Sumo".

Pictured on the right are two pocket tools that are perfect for someone on the go! The Miniature Higonokami Japanese Folding Knife ($35) is small and compact, and fits well on a keychain. Then the water buffalo Black Horn Shoehorn ($45) is an incredibly smooth everyday object made to last through the years.


New from Finn Juhl: The Kettlehut Chair

The comfortable and distinctive chair with the broad, embracing armrest is know in the vintage marked as SW 86, named after its original manufacturer, Søren Willadsen Møbelfabrik in Vejen, Denmark. However, driven by international aspirations, Finn Juhl also sent the drawing of the chair to the American furniture manufacturer Baker Furniture, which in the early 1950s launched and relaunched several of Finn Juhl's designs.

The new name ‘Kettelhut’ honours Mary Ellen Kettelhut, the former Vice President of Marketing at Baker Furniture and the current owner of the original watercolour drawing of the chair. The chair's frame consists of a combination of solid oak and walnut and is available upholstered in leather or textile.

Pictured below: The Kettelhut Chair photographed with the textile Cifrado from Kvadrat / Sahco in the colour '0231' (right) and Zero from Kvadrat / Sahco in the colour '0001' (left).