DesignTO 2023

We are pleased to announce Mjölk’s newest exhibition in collaboration with Omar Gandhi Architects and Concord Custom Lighting: an exploration of the Hunting Lodge as a modern building, nestled within nature. This structure is a reality for Omar Gandhi, who is in the process of creating such a building—meticulously planning every element of the quiet interior. Together with John Baker from Mjölk, the two spoke about bespoke alterations on existing furnishings, as well as completely new and unique designs to be fabricated for this personal project. The exhibition reveals the fruits of this exploration through the debut of a new dining table, dining bench, and chandelier.





Dining Table

The centre of the family home revolves around the dinner table. Used for more than just eating, it can be a place for preparing food, doing homework, or a home office. Now more than ever, we are asking more from these humble surfaces. Our latest exhibition features a new table designed by Omar Gandhi Architects which aims to highlight the rich beauty of natural wood: a solid top made of three hand-selected wood slabs, complete with fine joinery.



Enfield Dining Bench

There's something especially intimate about a bench—the act of sharing a seat can bring us closer. Designed by Mjölk as a continuation of the Enfield Shaker Dining Table, the Enfield Dining Bench takes inspiration from the craft language of the Shakers of colonial America. Constructed of solid White oak with gently tapered legs, spindle supports, and a beautifully articulated edge chamfer.

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Accompanying the table and bench is a tree branch-inspired pendant light designed in collaboration between Omar Gandhi Architects and Kate MacNeill from Concord Custom Lighting. The lamp’s bronze arms reach out and bifurcate like a tree in the forest, illuminated by softly folded glass shades that offer a gentle glow during evening meals.