Enfield Shaker dining table

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Enfield Shaker dining table, available in white oak or oiled walnut
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In all Shaker communities, everything created was made to be used and sometimes the same item was used for various different tasks. This we can observe with the tables the Shakers made. Tables can be found in almost all of the rooms throughout the shaker village. These tables were used as work surfaces, for basket making, food preparation, wood working. Some even had wheels on each leg in order to bring the table the centre of the room for work and then be pushed back against the wall after the work was finished. Today in modern society, we are using our tables for more than just eating as well. They have become a place to work, study, and to explore creativity. In this spirit we have revived a common feature of Shaker tables: a deep drawer. The Shakers originally used this drawer to store cutlery, because after sitting down at a meal it would be disruptive to get up. In our minds this drawer has more potential than just holding kitchen implements, it has been given a generous size to accommodate laptops and writing tools or anything that would be beneficial to have on hand while sitting at the table.


L218.44 x W91.44 x H76.2cm