DesignTO 2022

The Mjölk Sofa and Coffee Table is a continuation of our exclusive collaboration with architect and designer Thom Fougere. Archetypal in form, it is a study in reducing furniture to its essentials: a composition of intersecting planes on which surfaces appear to float. The simplicity and bold clarity of construction emphasizes strong horizontal lines articulated with fine details.

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Thom Fougere studied architecture at the University of Manitoba. During his nine-year tenure as Creative Director at EQ3, he led the company through a transformative brand re-positioning. In 2015 he established his studio, dedicated to investigating how we live and interact with objects in our homes. His works have been exhibited internationally at design fairs in Milan, Stockholm, New York, and Toronto.

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Originally designed for the occasion of Mjölk's 10-year anniversary, the Brass Pepper Mill is now available in a black finish. Its form and robust weight is meant to evoke a quiet monumentality—to at once stand out and harmonize in a kitchen landscape. It is made of Oji Masanori's signature sand-cast brass, a process perfected by Futagami, a brass foundry in the city of Takaoka, on the coast of Japan’s Honshu Island.

Oji Masanori is a Japanese designer with a special interest in the objects of everyday life—his design process involves careful consideration of the lives of its users and the manufacturing process by which it’s created. Professionally trained in calligraphy and architecture, he founded his studio in 2004 after working for several years as an architect and graphic designer. His work is strongly influenced by Japan’s rich history of craft while looking to the future of industry.


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A mortar & pestle and candleholder by Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman, made exclusively for Mjölk. The set is made in Italy of fine black Nero Marquina marble with subtle veining. The masterful interplay of both polished and honed surfaces indicates areas of work and areas of touch. The large bowl can be used to make generous amounts of pesto or guacamole, and the smaller reservoir on the opposite side—for spices.

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Ingegerd Råman is a designer from Stockholm, Sweden. After training under Carl Malmsten at Capellagården in Öland, and at the University of College of Arts, Crafts, and Design, in Stockholm, she established a ceramics studio in 1967. Alongside her ceramic work, Ingegerd Råman has had a successful career as a glass designer at Johansffors Glassworks and Skruf Glassworks. Today she works independently and is one of Sweden’s best-loved and most highly respected designers.

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