Cécile Daladier New Arrivals

New Arrivals: Cécile Daladier

We are delighted to share that new works by Cécile Daladier have arrived in the shop! Daladier creates an array of ceramic vessels for plant and flower arrangements. Each vessel is a unique piece-hand formed and wood-fired in a kiln of her own construction. The pieces are then smoked with fallen leaves and dry grass gathered from around her studio, located in the Drôme region of southern France.

For Daladier, roughness, cracks, bubbles and splinters are not imperfections to be avoided, but characteristic features of her technique, they are precious curiosities to be embraced and sought after.

Many of her pieces include various small points for flower stems to sit, allowing the arrangement to become a sculptural garden that resembles the wildness of the outdoors.