Table Garden Vase

A grand statement piece that sits beautifully at the centre of a table. The variation of small points for flowers to be placed helps to create a sculptural garden that resembles the wildness of the outdoors.
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Design Cécile Daladier
Made in Drôme, France
Dimensions  ø 20cm x H 8cm
Colour & Materiality  Ceramic

Cécile Daladier lives and works in rural Drôme, France. She was born in 1955 in Paris. Her artistic practice is informed by nature, with a particular focus on plants and the water on which they depend. Her body of work includes paintings, sculptures, gardens and land art installations.

She creates an array of ceramic vessels for plant and flower arrangements. Each vessel is a unique piece-hand formed and wood-fired in a kiln of her own construction. The pieces are then smoked with fallen leaves and dry grass gathered from around her studio, located in the Drôme region of southern France.

For Cécile Daladier, roughness, cracks, bubbles and splinters are not imperfections to be avoided, but characteristic features of her technique, they are precious curiosities to be embraced and sought after.

When using these vessles:

*If a vessel is placed on a surface sensitive to moisture and/or abrasion, it is advisable to use a protective intermediary.* Ceramics are naturally porous; a characteristic they can retain after glazing and firing. For both the vessel and accompanying plants, it is best to change the water regularly. On occasion it is recommended that the piece is gently washed with a sponge and dish soap, and given the time to dry before refilling.