All The Way To Paris: package design

It's been several years since we've been talking with Tanja and Petra of Copenhagen based design firm All the Way to Paris about redesigning our packaging at Mjölk. Over the past year we've been slowly rolling out the new pieces, and recently, just in time for our 10-year anniversary, our new bags have arrived and we are over the moon with them.

The image has a sumi ink atmosphere, while the bags have a nice texture to the touch while also being quite substantial.

Our new graphic tissue paper is always a pleasure to use and makes great wrapping paper as well.

We use this one often for gift wrapping.

Reiko does the majority of our wrapping. She often uses dried flowers to top it off.

We carry three styles of blank greeting cards

For Minka, ATWTP designed all our materials.

They designed the cover of Minka A/W 19.

Minka business card and stickers.

Postcard and Japanese stamps.