Twenty Five Sofa

The Twenty-Five Sofa showcases craft with a sculptural solid wood form that wraps around an upholstered seat. Rounded corners invite touch while exposed end grain on the back of the sofa and subtle scooped-out details showcase its beauty.
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Design  De La Espada Attalier 
Manufacturer  De La Espada
Made in  Portugal

W244 x D101 x H84 cm, seat height 42cm
W96 x D39 3/4 x H33 ”, seat height 16 1/2"

W287 x D101 x H84 cm, seat height 42cm
W113 x D39 3/4 x H33 ”, seat height 16 1/2"

Designed for flexible lounging positions, the sofa invites sitting with one’s back against the tall timber sides with legs stretched across the sofa, or lying flat for a nap or sleepover. What appear to be timber armrests are designed to function as side tables, while users are invited to rest their arms on the soft, supportive cushions softening the inner sides of the sofa. 

Taking into consideration the challenging access in some homes, the robust timber frame was designed to ship in parts, with straightforward assembly at its destination.