Sísísí Cónicas Planas Pendant Light

The flat conical shape of the MT4 and MT5 lampshades have a familiar, archetypal silhouette. Its volume may be robust but it is light in its adaptability to the space.
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Design  Gabriel Ordeig Cole
Manufacturer  Santa & Cole
Made in  Spain
Dimensions  Available in two sizes: M4 Ø19.3" x H7"/ M5 Ø25.2" x H9.2"
Colour & Materiality Stitched Parchment Shade, Circular metallic canopy satin nikel w black cord, Recommended LED bulb: 4,5W / Other light sources: Max.60 W

Designed by Gabriel Ordeig in 1987 as a vindication of cardboard and its warm translucence, this shade is an invitation to make the most of table talks. The two options of titched cardboard, in beige or white, allow for harmonious oexistence between object and user.