Silver Spoon No. 16

Each uniquely designed silver spoon has its own character. Made by South-Korean based metal artisan Ryu Yeun-hee.
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Origin South Korea
Dimensions L 18cm x W 1.75cm
Materiality Pure Silver

Ryu Yeun-hee is a South-Korean based metal artisan who creates vessels and tableware from copper and silver. These works celebrate the hand-crafted spirit of each object, showcasing the various processes of construction from subtle hammering, annealing, shaping and finishing. Through emphasizing these markings, each work takes on more texture and atmosphere. 

Ryu Yeun-hee likes to incorporate natural elements in her work. You might see the lid of a kettle be made out of a found stone, or silver spoons in the shapes of seashells and twigs. There is an imaginative and often playful quality to her pieces.  When coming up with ideas for new work, she prefers to keep an image in her mind while working, instead of sketching out the pieces beforehand — gently coaxing out the desired form through the process of crafting.