Santa & Cole: Gira (brass lampshade)

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Gira table lamp, brass
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A base, an arm, a shade; a square, a line, a cone; steel, brass, aluminium; and the magic of light.
Gira sums up the basic components of a lamp.

These have been reconfigured based on the traditional flexible reading lamp, to allow flexibility of movement. The design is simple, while versatile in function: featuring a rotating arm and an adjustable shade. It can form localised beams of light for working, reading or writing; in a room, a hotel lobby or an office. Look at it once, then try and sketch it from memory.

The Gira lamp portrays the simplicity and distinct profile of a classic. It is an inherent part of Barcelona’s design history. Created in 1978 by Ferrer, Massana and Tremoleda, it was originally produced by Mobles 114—an editing company founded by Massana and Tremoleda.

It achieved international acclaim, receiving awards and places in exhibitions all over the world. However, what truly distinguishes Gira lies in its function—a unique ability to foster an intimate connection between the user, the light and its surroundings.


16cm diam., 54cm height