Pie De Salon Floor Lamp

Article code P-10184
This slender synthesis of traditional lamps is a sparkle of timeless elegance created in a context of the avant-garde. The combination of materials with its symmetrical, leather-wrapped brass centre shaft and legs.
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Design  Jaume Sans, 1963
Manufacturer  Santa & Cole
Made in  Spain
Dimensions  Height adjustable from 120cm - 160cm x D40cm
Colour & Materiality  Natural ribbon shadeblack leather, polished brass
Technical  Max 100w

Jaume Sans was a renowned Catalan surrealist sculptor and painter. He was also a member of the artistic association ADLAN that included amongst its members Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Calder, all acquaintances of the GATCPAC architects with whom they shared their social venue on Passeig de Gràcia in pre-Spanish Civil War Barcelona.

Sans focused on the design of furniture for his own household, which is how the remarkable Pie de Salón or Peana Molina lamps were created, and later edited by Santa & Cole. A sleek reinterpretation of traditional symmetrical lamps, with a brass shaft.

The stem of the lamp is adjustable and is leather-covered for a luxurious feel, opening up into a tripod base that allows the cable to easily go through. A perfect example of industrial craftsmanship. It features three distinct shades in three different materials, and eight colour options that exude timeless elegance.