Oval Lantern

A modern interpretation of the traditional hanging lantern, taking you back to the Han Dynasty (1045–771 BC), where it originated.

Design  Taiwan Lantern
Made in  Taiwan
Dimensions Ø 35cm/13.8in, H 49cm/19.3in
Material Walnut & bamboo frame, Hand-colored TC fabricMetal pipes & ringRayon fringe. Comes with a braided brown cord kit and white or black cover plate. 

The white color is inspired by Wu Xing 五行. White presents Jin 金,metal. It signifies brightness and fulfilment. The black lantern color is inspired by Wu Xing 五行. Black presents Shui 水 water; it signifies trust and calm. The brown colour is created with Shoulang yam—traditionally used by Taiwanese aborigines, it grows wild in the forest floor of North Taiwan. To create the dense and rich blue color, the artisan grows and harvests her own fresh indigofera Tinctoria plants—she dips natural cotton 20 times into a natural dye. The lantern is hand painted and finished with a layer of Tung oil which gives the lantern a smooth satin finish.

Makino bamboo is used for these frames, which gives the lanterns a heart and soul. Grown in the mountainous region of Taiwan, this pliable bamboo is highly durable. Where possible, only natural and locally sourced materials are used.

The lanterns are handcrafted and may slightly vary in shape, hue and character.