Ojiro Tea Basket

Basket with handles and lid. This size is perfect for a tea ceremony kit, but also useful for any storage of items you want to leave accessible but contained.
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Design Ojiro Kakumono Ten
Made in Japan
Dimensions L8" x W6" x H6.5"

"Kakumono" are rectangular baskets made from bamboo. Ojiro Kakumono Ten are based in Oita Japan and have been making these baskets since 2008. 

The founders Masa Jiro and Miho Jiro inherited the technique of Kakumono making from master craftsmen Mr. Yuizen Kantake. Their small workshop is made up of 3 artisans and themselves. The baskets are hand-made using a technique called fire bending (heat bending) where each piece of bamboo is bent and soaked in water. The handles are then applied afterwards. There are very few craftspeople left producing Kakumono using this hand-made process.