O1 Stool, Low

Article code P-7373
The low stool from the T&O series. The O stool is built from solid oak or maple wood for a visually light and sturdy design. A slightly concave seat ensures a comfortable seat, while a hand sized slot in the centre of the seat makes carrying easy.
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Design   Jasper Morrison
Manufacturer  Maruni
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  W 42cm x D 32cm x H 44.5cm x SH 43.1cm
Colour & Materiality  Oak or maple

Similar to the T Chair of the same series, the O Stool features a seat three-dimensionally cut out of wood, and the Mid and High models are equipped with a coloured footrest. The oval hole in the seat is provided for easily carrying the stool. The coloured steel footrest and seat shape provide the same familiarity and freshness of the T Chair.  It was named an O Chair because it looks like the shape of an "O" when viewed from above.