MJOLK / ANDERSSEN & VOLL : Min Watering Can, Brass & Walnut

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Min Watering Can, brass with oiled walnut handle
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Min Watering Can A precision watering can by Norwegian design firm Anderssen Voll. The brass body of the watering can is made by Harnisch, a fourth generation metal workshop run by two brothers. Historically dating back to 1842 and originating in Copenhagen, Denmark, Harnisch originally made Nautical lighting for the Royal Danish Navy and Coast Guard. The metal body is hand-spun, a technique that takes a flat sheet of solid brass or copper and actually creates a hollow form completely controlled by hand. This is an art form that is rapidly moving towards machine production, and there are only a handful of artisans that still do this craft here in Toronto. For the wooden handle, we specified locally sourced hardwood, carefully selected for its unique grain. The shape is very organic, almost like a branch of a tree. Each handle is made and assembled at Urban Product wood studio, where they are hand finished and coated with a natural oil to accentuate the grain of the wood and provide additional protection. Here is what A&V had to say about the product: "Indoor gardening is a miniature world. Clean, cultivated and controlled. In this context, we wanted to work with the watering can as a precision tool: a big, softly shaped wooden handle with references to kitchen utensils, a relatively small volume of water leading out in a long and precise spout. The ornamental dialogue between the sensuous shape of the handle and the drawings of the wood grain is something we really appreciate in this product."