Kinuta N-DC01 Armchair (Paper Cord)

Article code P-13012
A classic chair, simple in its design and composition, but with a feeling of warmth and welcoming.
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Design  Norm Architects
Manufacturer  Karimoku Case
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  W 57cm x D 54.5cm x H 80cm x SH 44 cm
Colour & Materiality Pure oak, papercord

The Kinuta dining chair was born out of the exploration around Karimoku’s many factories, workshopping on sight with the craftsmen, using existing parts and updating others, until a hybrid between the Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetic emerged.

The Kinuta Collection has its native setting in two of the 36 Kinuta Terrace apartments located in the Kinuta ward of the Setagaya district in Tokyo. Kinuta Terrace was originally built in the 1980s with an integrated courtyard, giving residents the advantages of a single-family home.

The Keiji Ashizawa Design team has renovated the interiors in collaboration with Norm Architects, creating, amongst a series of interior elements, 12 tailormade furniture pieces that make up the first collection of Karimoku Case Study, all drawing on the natural references of the connected courtyard in an attempt to invite in nature as much as possible — in their design language as well as through their material compositions.


W57 x D54.5 x H80 x SH44 cm