GE1 Daybed (2pc)

A versatile lounge / daybed designed in 1954 by Hans Wegner.
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Designer:  Hans Wegner, 1954
Dimensions:  L185cm x D78cm x H85cm 

Hans J. Wegner's idea for the bench was that it should be able to be used as a chair, chair with footrest, or as an extra bed for a single night.

The wooden frame of the bench has been carefully thought out, and the specially designed hinges and brackets for adjusting the backrest show the wood and steel work in a beautiful symbiosis.

The backrest has as many as 7 possible inclined positions, and the lying surface is covered with loose cushions with buttons placed on springs covered by a soft canvas cover.

When the bench is to be used for sleeping on, the metal bracket is lifted free of the notches and pulled backwards, after which the bed can be completely horizontal