Desk 120

Desk 120 was designed with the increasingly more common remote workplace in mind, exhibiting the unbeatable craftsmanship of Maruni’s wood technology in a more refined and narrow frame.
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Design  Jasper Morrison
Manufacturer  Maruni
Made in  Japan
Dimensions  W120 x D50 x H71 (cm)

"I very much admire the ability of Japanese architects and designers to make things appear super light. It makes buildings and objects seem so futuristic, as if they’d arrived from another planet... The design would never have happened that way in Europe. It was an interesting collision of cultures and benefitted from the skill and craftsmanship of Maruni as much as it did from my interest in trying to make a Western chair shape fit in with the atmosphere of new Japanese architecture and objects. The quality of manufacturing often contributes to the actual design more than might be appreciated. A good design made badly will not be a good design!"

-Jasper Morrison