Cocktail Table

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Finn Juhl’s Cocktail Table was designed for Baker Furniture in the United States to match the sculptural Baker Sofa.
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Design  Finn Juhl
Manufacturer  House of Finn Juhl
Made in  Denmark
Dimensions  L 160cm x W 78cm x H 50cm
Colour & Materiality Frame: Oak, walnutTabletop: Veneer or white high gloss laminate

The economy was booming and prosperity rising in the USA during the 1950’s. The new upper classes and Hollywood made cocktail parties popular and Finn Juhl was readily impressed by this new American extravagance, which he experienced through his new and influential American friends. The elegant three-legged coffee table is a further development of his earlier eye shaped tables, but as we know, everything had to be larger and bigger in America. Despite its size and thanks to its organic shape with no sharp corners, the table allows for free movement around it. The Cocktail Table is light and elegant with refined design detail. The table is manufactured in walnut or oak with a white glossy table top, or in walnut or teak with a wood veneer.

As one of the leading figures in twentieth century furniture design, Finn Juhl is responsible for introducing North America to the Danish Modern movement through his work on the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Originally trained as an architect, he began creating furniture for himself in the 1930's and soon gained widespread recognition for his organic forms and expressive treatment of wood, often taking the material past the limits of what was thought possible. Thinking with the mindset of a sculptor, his ambition was to design furniture with movement and life.