Studio Tour: Brian Richer of Castor Design


In discussing our upcoming show with Castor Design's Brian Richer, we had the opportunity to pop by and check out his studio space.

Brian-Richer-Castor-Studio-Mjolk-Journal-3 Brian-Richer-Castor-Studio-Mjolk-Journal-2

Brian demonstrating a lighting prototype, and on the right, a stone carving exploration for The Captive exhibition.


There are some really interesting experiments and studies on display. An example above using cellophane tape and light.


The office space contains a portion of the table from their long-gone Oddfellows restaurant. Fun fact, we had our joint bachelor/bachelorette party in the Castor/Oddfellows camper van, of which you can see a model of on the top shelf.


Out front of the office/packing/workshop in a small shipping container is Brian's stone carving studio.


A plaster bust of Elvis.


Tools of the trade. Antique mallets and chisels handmade by Brian.

Brian-Richer-Castor-Studio-Mjolk-Journal-9 Brian-Richer-Castor-Studio-Mjolk-Journal-14 Brian-Richer-Castor-Studio-Mjolk-Journal-10

Shop details.


Brian carving a slab of limestone.

Non-Finito: a solo exhibition of captive stone carving by Brian Richer. Ace Hill drinks and stew will be served at the opening reception by Brian Richer and chef Matty Matheson.

Thursday, May 17, 7–9pm
2959 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6P 1Z2