Southern Sweden, February 2019

The next morning we headed to Malmö, checked into our peculiar hotel near the train station, and awaited Petra who generously offered to drive us to Ingegerd Råman's summer house.  You may remember our last visit, featured in Mjölk Volume 4.

We arrived for a delicious lunch of fresh baked bread, cucumber and roe soup (3 servings good), cheese and dessert.

Then we were off to the studio to discuss our upcoming exhibition, currently slated for October 24th, 2019. We brought home some samples, and are very much enjoying the white candleholder at our dining table.

We lingered into the evening, chatting by the lit kakelugn as darkness settled across the countryside, then back to Malmö via local train. 

Malmö restaurant Bastard was highly recommended. It was full and we hadn't been able to get a reservation but managed to luck out with a bar seat after only a few minutes of waiting. It was a fantastic meal. I generally don't take food pics, especially terrible ones like this, BUT this salad was my everything. 

No February visit to Sweden is complete without some Semla.

Sunday was dedicated to interviewing Petra and Tanja of All the way to Paris for our upcoming Mjölk Volume V. After the interview and photos, we enjoyed our favourite kind of meal among friends.

We headed to the train station for our evening trip to Stockholm, where we quickly learned what inställt means. Due to all the snow in Stockholm, we were spending another night in Malmö. 

The next morning it was business as usual, taking in the Swedish countryside on our way to Stockholm.