Mjölk Guitar Stand



Guitarists know that most instrument stands are made of black metal and plastic — materials that are dissociated from the beautiful craftsmanship of the instruments they hold.

The Mjölk guitar stand began as a personal project to build a handful of stands for our own use and for friends. Little by little, people began to notice the stands in the background of our photographs and inquired about where they came from. We decided to do a small production run to offer them to musicians who have that special instrument they want to have on hand and on display in their home.




The frames are available in either solid walnut or oak, with an adjustable brass hanger designed to accommodate various sized guitars.. The hanger is wrapped in supple natural leather to protect the necks of your instruments and add a lovely texture against the brushed brass surface.

All components are made here in Toronto.

(first 2 images, credit Andrew Romano)