Jonas Lindholm



We are very excited to introduce the ceramic works of Jonas Lindholm. This is something we’ve been personally coveting for many years, as it seems they are impossible to purchase outside of Sweden (sometimes in Japan).

For us, a good indicator of a busy artisan is the lack of a website or social media. This is why it took so long to bring in Jonas Lindholm’s work — we simply had no means of getting in touch with him.

Finally with a kind referral, we were able to connect and are thrilled to offer a selection of works here at the gallery. The one I am keeping for our own home is the tall round-lid tea pot (pictured below) which has been a favourite of ours. Its classical language with reduced ornamentation expresses the best elements of Swedish craft. 


The works are offered in two colour clays, a warm sand white and a deep rusty red. Both are matte, smooth to the touch and a pleasure to use.