Copenhagen, February 2019

Visiting Petra and Tanja of All the way to Paris is almost becoming a ritual upon arrival in Copenhagen. With a very limited 12 hour stay in CPH, we needed to optimize our time and who better to spend it with than friends? ATWTP has been working on our packaging rebranding, which includes greeting cards, tissue paper, stickers and one day, hopefully, if we can ever get them printed, new shopping bags. We popped by their studio to have a quick chat about our state of affairs, then headed over to Admiralgade 26.

This restaurant is always a relaxed pleasure. The mixture of furniture, lamps, plants and objects makes the atmosphere endlessly cozy and relaxing. The food is quite fine too. 

We've shared images previously on our blog Kitka but there is a new relevant addition to the space from &tradition: a loafer chair and 2 seater Mayor sofa, in a soft creamy white colour. Who said you couldn't be daring in white where food is served?

Next we visited the Frama Studio, which is housed in an old apothecary. The spaces are moody and the perfect backdrop for their sculptural work.


We love when the history of the space is maintained, and it works well, of course, with their apothecary products. 

After our tour of the studio, Niels and Cassandra treated us to a really fun and delicious dinner at Apollo Bar, which was absolutely packed with people, hence the single "we were here" photo.

Copenhagen was a whirlwind as usual. Off to Malmö and Skåne for day two!