A Frame Sign by Renaud Sauvé & Gilbert Garcia

I cannot believe that our first A-frame sign was made seven years ago! Read about our attempt at shou sugi ban (charred cedar) and collaboration with local artist Melinda Josie over on Kitka. With all the wild weather, our sign was looking pretty rough so we commissioned Renaud Sauvé and Gilbert Garcia to create a fresh presence.

Gilbert dropped it off near the end of last week and our minds were blown.

Renaud created hand painted porcelain tiles...

...with beautiful imagery of some of the products we are known to carry.

Contrasted with the more minimalist Open side, is this gorgeous painting that includes antiques, a vase by Renaud and a favourite Luca Nichetto design, Sucabaruca!

A detail close up. Insert emoji with the eyes popping out of the face here.


Gilbert Garcia did the weighted frame, with some additional beautiful brass and rope details.

John also invested in some new trees. It's nice to have our storefront looking as nice as the interior again!