Rice Storage Chest (5kg)

This rice storage chest is made from Japanese "Kiri" wood, a traditional material with natural antiseptic and insect-repelling properties.
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Manufacturer  Azmaya
Dimensions  W 30 x D 24 x H 18 cm
Colour & Materiality  "Kiri" paulownia wood

Traditionally, “Kiri” paulownia wood is one of the most reliable materials used for preserving clothing or food in Japan. Rich in tannin and sesamin, paulownia wood has natural antiseptic and insect repelling properties. The wood fiber is porous, resulting in an almost magical lightweight quality. Kiri wood is also resistant to poisture. As such, this stunningly simple yet elegantly designed “Kiri” Rice Storage box protects grains and rice from insect damage or molds, a common problem in Japanese kitchens suffering from high humidity and dramatic seasonal shifts of climate.

Indicative of the fine Kasukabe City, Saitama Prefecture craftsmanship, known for their production of “Kiri” wood products, not a single nail, fastener, hinge or metal fitting has been used in the construction of this paulownia wood rice storage box.

A sublimely fitted top lid, replete with an effortlessly sliding access panel for quick scoops of rice (wood scoop included), is removable for when the box requires refilling or a seasonal cleaning.

Includes matching wooden scoop.