Hinoki Bathmat

Article code P-13224
A bathmat made from Japanese Hinoki cypress.
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Manufacturer  Tosaryu
Made in Kochi, Japan
Dimensions  L 60cm x W 35cm x H 2.5cm (L 23.6" x W 13.8" x H 1")
Colour & Materiality  Japanese Hinoki cypress

Established in 1960, Tosaryu is located amidst the mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan. The woodworkers of Tosaryu have personalized the skills of handmaking, or “monotsukuri”, by utilizing the features of the Japanese Hinoki they use to enhance the quality and function of their products. The wood is dried for 3-6 months before use, maintaining the fragrant, oil-rich, and sturdy composition of Hinoki that allows them to create a variety of products from bath mats to incense. Using sustainable methods of production and in their careful use of local resources, Tosaryu’s mission remains loyal to the forests and lakes around them as they master their art of woodwork.